Chris Koss

ChrisKossChris was born in Detroit, Michigan and transplanted to Texas in 1983. He started playing the drums in 6th grade and took private lessons for three years. Once he began performing in school bands he started to accumulate a wide range of musical knowledge using different percussion instruments. He has performed in a number of musicals including “Flower Drum Song”, GodSpell” and “Forever Patsy Cline”.

In 2002 Chris and his wife, Judy, joined a Christian band called, “STATIONS” and have been performing at many church venues over the past 10 years. The leader of this band has composed over 100 tunes of songs with familiar words of Christian faith.

In 2011 he joined Just Jazz. Chris believes that music provides soothing break from the hectic work environment and offers a balance of emotion that keeps his heart pumping in a positive

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